One door closes...

The character-rich doors of our old studio

When one door closes, another door opens.

In our case, when those two beautiful, old, rough-hewn timber doors swung closed for the last time, a smaller and more modern door swung open to a two storey, elevated studio looking through the trees to Hay Street in Subiaco.

"Over the past 24 months, The Cut has grown, and grown up. Our team has expanded in line with the scale and value of the digital projects we work on, and in the end, the move became essential. We're all really excited to be in Subiaco and looking forward to building our profile here."

- Scott Sanders, Technology Director, The Cut

In 2010, we moved The Cut from shared offices in Mount Lawley to our own open plan studio on Brewer Street, opposite NIB Stadium. For what was then a team of about 6 people, the space was perfect and we worked happily there for years.

Our team loved the space, and so did our clients. From that humble space we have created many lovely brands and developed a swag of sophisticated digital solutions from basic websites to Applications that run entire businesses.

With the commercial real estate market full of opportunities, our search has been long and well considered, ranging from Leedy and West Leedy to Mt Hawthorn, the CBD and, finally Subiaco.

"For me, this is a return to Subiaco and it's great to be back. We have clients and strategic partners, like Bonfire and Gatecrasher, right here so it's a smart location for us. Subi is still an energetic centre of business, creativity and technology and we're excited to be slotting in to that landscape."

- Ben De Jonge, Communications Director, The Cut

We're still settling in and fitting out a fun and productive work space. We're welcoming visitors, so please drop in to Suite 1, 387 Hay Street and say 'welcome', or 'hello', or 'g'day', or 'beer?' or something.