Hosted websites. Why keeping it simple can be great.


Let's be clear. What we love to do most is custom websites that need bespoke design and functionality. Our developers love the challenge of complex functionality requirements and developing the coding solutions to meet them.

We also love eating fillet steak and drinking French champagne. But we're realists and we know that we can't do these things all the time.

So, what's this got to do with web design for Perth businesses? Plenty.

We like to help companies of all sorts of different shapes and sizes. For every type, size and style of business out there, there's a new challenge to be solved and interesting new people to work with. We want to work with them and help their businesses grow. So when those companies don't have big budgets, we help them elevate their online presence with beautiful hosted websites.

What's hosted mean? In this context, it means that the functionality / codebase already exists. That means we don't have to create the code from scratch. That means there's less time involved and that means the cost is less.

That's why hosted websites are so great for smaller businesses. It gives them access to a solution that can be well thought out with a smart structure and a lovely design, that works responsively across all devices and offers high value for the budget.

We work with some carefully selected hosted web platforms - Shopify for eCommerce and Squarespace for 'standard' websites. We chose both platforms for the same reasons, including:

  • An impressive list of avaialble features & functionality.
  • Simple, intuitive Content Management Systems.
  • Affordable solutions that work for all sorts of businesses.
  • A strong design ethic that delivers options & flexibility.
  • High value, best practice websites.
  • Smart, good looking brands.

So, when a client comes to us with high design standards and expectations combined with simple functionality requirements, we happily work with them to deliver a new website on the Squarespace platform.

These projects are often highly rewarding because we can take an old, tired and outdated website and create a whole new site with a well considered structure and information architecture, high level design and responsive so that all content works perfectly on all screens - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

We are able to turn the project around quickly and efficiently with a tight and well controlled process. Dramatic change that is achieved quickly combines nicely to widen eyes and put big smailes on faces.

Just the other week our first design concepts were such a huge departure from the client's existing website that they brought a tear to their eye.

So, if you have or know of a business that doesn't need to reinvent the website wheel, they just want a lovely looking site that works really well on all devices, then we have a great solution for them. Or you. You'll love the website and you'll feel happy with the price.

These clients have sensational Squarespace websites by The Cut. Take a look.


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