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B2B is something we do regularly for all sorts of clients from business sectors including Accounting, Construction, New Homes and Pest Control.

We recently launched a campaign for Termimesh, an important project that was designed to re-activate the brand in their market of builders, building companies and architects. This is a B2B campaign with the client's business communicating with a target audience who are business owners and decision makers. It is not about reaching the broader consumer market.

The objective of the campaign has been to consolidate the position of Termimesh in the market, in the face of patent expiry and the threat of competitors emerging with inferior, but cheaper, products - a real threat when general economic uncertainty makes lower prices an attractive alternative.

Our starting point with any B2B campaign is to understand the target market and the benefits our client is offering them. When we have established a solid foundation by understanding these key factors, we start to look at how best to express those benefits with a strong, simple concept for the campaign.

The whole empahisis of the Termimesh campaign was based on the brand's unique position in the market as the only company who had been producing and installing an anti-termite mesh for over 20 years. No other competitor could make a claim anything like that. Translated into benefits for the builders, the longevity of Termimesh means experience, flexibility, expertise, dependability, quality, warranty support and so on.

All of those things are tangible, genuine benefits for building companies. So, we established a hierarchy of key messages that were all anchored by the line upon which the whole campaign rests - Only Termimesh can say that.

Every statement made in the campaign can only be made by Termimesh. Every message focuses on the strengths they can deliver because of their long and successful heritage working with builders and trades across Australia to specify, install and support the mesh barrier and protect new homes from termite attack.

The graphic design of the campaign is as no-nonsense and strong as the messages themselves. It's visually distinctive, makes great use of the brand's highly visible orange and delivers the messages at high volume, standing out in every media channel.

The TV commercials and radio use the voices of ordinary Aussie men and women, making direct statements with quiet confidence. There is no metaphor, exaggeration or over-promise. This campaign states the facts and focuses attention on the unique benefits.

In every way, this is a direct and no-nonsense B2B campaign that is highly visible in all media and makes the benefits of the Termimesh brand obvious to the primary market of builders and building companies around the country. It was embraced by the national Termimesh network and rolled out across media including TV, Radio, Press, Online, eDM, Brochures etc.

As a case study of B2B advertising communications, this project has been executed according to best practice. So, our best tips for building an effective B2B campaign for any business are these:

- Understand the target market

- Determine the benefits the market is looking for

- Establish a list of benefits & use only the strongest

- Make strong & direct statements based on those key benefits

- Keep the communications simple, strong & highly visible

- Integrate the campaign across all media

To find out more about B2B campaigns, get in touch with The Cut anytime.