A tourism marketing campaign that started with a name


We've been working with Mandurah And Peel Tourism Oranisation (MAPTO) since early this year and recently rolled out a soft launch of the campaign for Anytime Adventures.

MAPTO has been brought to life to unite the various businesses and stakeholders in the Peel region with the common goal of reinventing the way Perth people see the area with a fully integrated, multi-media advertising campaign. The fact is, this region holds tons of adventures and activities in beautiful locations, all easily and quickly accessible from Perth.

Key to our strategy was the invention of a 'product' brand that focuses attention quickly on the core benefits of activity and access and delivers strong calls to action. The naming process involved the development and consideration of many options and Anytime Adventures was the one that stood out as the most direct and memorable.

We then designed a logo and helped MAPTO define the main categories of the 6 adventures types that are the focus of the campaign. The adventures categories include Water, Bush, Wildlife, Beach, Food & Wine and Arts & Culture.

Our strategy for the campaign was to unite high quality images with big, strong headlines that focus attention on the advantages of taking breaks in the Peel region.

After presenting a range of potential campaign ideas, as we always do, the campaign concept you see here was locked in as the preferred direction and we extended the campaign to include one version per adventure category and worked on multiple design options to meet the various requirements of media including Press, Magazine, Transit and Billboards.

The development of Anytime Adventures continues and we have designed a Pocket Guide, Food & Wine map and have a large Destination Guide in progress.

New hero campaign images will be shot and the campaign updated ready for the full launch in spring. So keep an eye out for Anytime Adventures and when you're wondering what to do, take a fast escape to the Peel. You'll be surprised at how much adventure and natural beauty there is to find.

Click here to see more of the campaign visuals.