Presenting our work to a client's national conference

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We have been working with Termimesh since late 2010 and in that time have delivered a widfe vairtey of strategic, branding, logo design and advertising solutions. we've also built up a strong relationship with the board in the process.

This project has arisen in response to a major change in their market conditions that presents a real threat to the client's position in the market. That makes for a significant project with real consequences. Because of this we were asked to treat the client as though they were new and deliver a pitch-style presentation to convince the board of our ability, experience and suitability for the project.

We were happy to take on this challenge and demonstrated our level of understanding of their services, brands and the looming challenge and how best to meet it head on. We revisited logo and brand identity design projects, advertising campaigns and their suite of new websites.

We impressed the client team so convincingly that not only did we get the project, we were invited to present a new version of our picth to their national conference of service centre owners.

For any creative agency presenting our own concepts and the inspiration and rationales behind them is a great opportunity. It's far more relaxing to present your own work than it is to hand it over to a third person.

Two one hour presentations, one with a strategic focus to establish the context of the project and strategic foundations and the second to present the new campaign itself, covering Campaign Positioning, Key Messages, Headlines, Visuals and various campaign executions.

While presenting and pitching are things we do often, speaking for two hours to 50 people doesn't happen every week. We approached this as an opportunity to make sure this campaign was presented perfectly and brought to life in as many different ways as possible. We started with a Poster mock up and ran through all 9 headlines to establish the core of the campaign in a format easily understood by everyone.

Having rationalised a design that was created to be visually strong, simple and deliver strong benefits-based messages, we presented a series of in situ mock ups to bring the campaign to life. These included brochure covers, press advertising and web banners. For a room full of fresh eyes, there's no substitute for showing them how the campaign will look in various media channels. Imagination can only take you so far and it is a crucial part of our role to show the campaign to the client group in as many relevant media channels as possible, well before the campaign actually runs.

We included a proposed design for an electronic direct mail (eDM) and various Point of Sale (POS) options that pushed the boundaries for this brand and the clients. We desgined merchandise including t shirts, caps and stubby holders as well as concepts for promotional gifts.

At the end of the first presentation the group had a clear understanding of the strategic thinking behind the campaign, the broad visual direction taken and the reasons why. We were able to take them all through a summarised version of a project that has been in progress with the Termimesh board for over two years.

In this way, when we revealed the campaign creative, it made perfect sense. They could understand why we had selected the final option, and how it delivered on the key objectives of the campaign.

It took time and hard work to develop the campaign and then to present it in a clear and simple format to a large group who had not been invested in the full journey. But it was worth it. While we won't claim 100% conversion, the positive feedback and general level of energy and enthusiasm for the campaign is unmistakeable.

As we publish this, the next steps are a debrief with the board and planning the first executions that will be rolled out before the end of 2013.

The campaign begins in earnest early in 2014.

Interesting times ahead and we're looking forward to putting the campaign to work.