Finding out what they really think

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Right now, we're in progress on a significant project for one of our long time clients.

It's an interesting project because the client is facing an unusual challenge. Way back in the early 90s they invented a product in a changing sector and at the same time invented a whole new product category. Their patent has meant they have enjoyed a level of exclusivity in this sector, but the expiry of that patent is looming and that exclusivity is about to dissapear. So, here we are looking at ways to maintain market share and protect the brand and product in new, more determined and agressive ways.

The competitors and cheap imitators are queing up and we're helping our client prepare for a whole new environment for their products, markets and their advertising communications.

Ok, let's get to the research.

The research stage was valuable to us and the client team and delivered new ideas that demanded immediate and serious consideration. In this case, existing clients and the company's own national network of service centre owners were interviewed.

We wanted to get an idea of what they really thought about the brand, the product and find out the reasons it is used, and also the reasons the product may not be first choice.

Gathering responses to research questions can now be efficient and fast and achievable for much smaller companies. The variety of channels avaialble is broad including phone, text, email, social media and online platforms. Survey Monkey is a great service for the distribution of questions and collation of response data. Some Social Media platforms provide fantastic channels for research too. Using digital platforms can make the research process fast and affordable.

Now, make no mistake, we're not talking about sample groups of thousands and scientifically calculated data. That level of research is a science unto itself, and undoubtedly the pinnacle. It can also cost tens of thousands of dollars and is the privelege of big corporations with budgets to match.

But market research does not have to be conducted on this level to be valuable.

When we conduct research, we are looking for the most distinct trends and typically these trends emerge early and clearly identify themselves. By looking at trends and specific quoatations of responses that represent the trend, we can give clients a number of priceless insights into the way their market thinks, how they perceive their brand / product, what they might want from the brand / product, or anything else you like.

We have conducted invaluable research projects using focus groups, online surveys, social media and email for clients in sectors including fashion, schools and industrial products.

For modest budgets we have used research to achieve insights for clients that have directly influenced the strategic and creative solutions of the creative project.

The truth is, while no one knows the client's business and products quite like they do, they can often suffer from being 'too close to it'. There is no substitute for discovering the thoughts and opinions of the people your communications are aimed at. It's gold dust.

And the good news is, it doesn't have to cost thousands making rmarket esearch an achievable option for smaller companies looking for a way to give their advertising communications a better chance of hitting the mark.

Any questions?