We recently popped our website awards cherry.

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It was lovely of Scotty to shoot us an email from sunny England, or was it the luxury hotel in Dubai, reminding us that we had to scramble to get our awards entries done and entered. Fast.

Thanks Scott! How was the holiday? LOL.

Entering awards is always a double edged sword. The entries take time, the forms can be onerous, you're putting your creative and in this case technology work out there to be judged. They cost money to enter.

But of course, every cloud has a silver lining and being in a position where we have developed websites that are genuine contenders to win national awards is pretty damn lovely.

So, what did we enter? Glad you asked.

We entered the Race Around Rottnest website that we featured here a few weeks ago. This is a site we're proud of, particularly in terms of the design and UI in general. It's visually impressive and captures the action and enviromnment of the event beautifully.

So, that takes care of the design side of things. Looking good is great, but there's not too much else we can say, you really have to feast your eyes for yourself.

But websites designed and developed by The Cut are not just things of extraordinary beauty, no, no, no. We also develop highly technical websites such as our next entry, New Homes Guide.

The New Homes Guide (NHG) website was developed through the middle of 2011 and launched in October that year. The business was a start-up in 2011 and the website is the business, a subscription based model that gives new home builders an online platform to market their products.

In the back end the NHG site features client log-ins and a Content Management System that allows each client to upload images and information and control the display of their products on the live site. Each builder has access to a comprehenisve metrics package that details the performance of every home including Page Views, Brochure Downloads, Phone Number Reveals, Click Throughs and Direct Enquiries etc.

For consumers, the people out there looking for their new dream home and the right builder to make it happen, the site offers a clean, simple and intuitive browsing platform, free from the clutter of third party advertising.

In partnership with The West Asutralian since the middle of 2012, New Homes Guide now attracts over 1,200 visits every day and has become a genuine online sales asset for Perth 's new home builders.

It's performaing beautifully online, so let's hope it can pull off an award win too!