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A few weeks ago we posted an article about the logo, brand and website design for the Race Around Rottnest (RAR), an adventure race coming up soon on everyone's favourite island.

Since then, we've entered the RAR website in the Australian Web Awards, and we've started work on the design of a logo, brand identity and website for another CIC event - The City Beach Tri Series.

Inspired by a desire to take Triathlon back to the focus on fun the sport had in the '90's, the City Beach Tri series will focus on returning triathlon to an iconic Perth beach and a focus on fun and socialising.

Of course, putting in your best effort and racing hard will still be important, but so will the fun and social activities that kick off after the race is run.

With a talented new designer on board in Rouline Siauw, the City Beach project was one of her first for The Cut, and working closely with our interface designer and frontend developer Saj, the pair are kicking big goals with the logo and website designs.

You can see some of the early concept options here, none of which reflect the final solution at all (Tease!). But they do give a sneak peak at some of our early directions.

We love nothing more than taking a new event, product or service and creating a logo and a brand idenity for it, and then working out the best ways to take that brand online. The website design is being driven by a strong visual concept combined with a clear information architecture and obvious Calls To Action.

With the logo, brand ID and the visual 'look and feel' of the event approved by a delighted client, Rouline and Saj are working hard on the final design of the pages and construction will start this week.

We're looking forward to a brand and a website that is right up there with the great look we achieved for the Race Around Rottnest.

We love the idea of bringing the fun back to triathlon and making the hard work as much fun as possible fits nicely with the way we do things here at The Cut. Watch this space for the new site going live over the next few weeks.