Matt Develops in Django and Python

Pub Review

Hailing from a little UK town called Tiptoe (yes, really) Matt has been with The Cut almost since the beginning.

Matt has a priceless passion for the internet and the construction of websites and applications. His intelligence and breadth of experience is an incredible asset for our team and our clients and Matt is the driving force behind our biggest and most technical projects. These include, to name just a few.

Matt is a keen contributor to the Django / Python community and recently attended PyCon AU in Hobart, for the second year. He is also an active member of the Perth Django User's Group, along with the other members of our development team.

And even though we don’t offer SEO / SEM services ourselves, Matt is also very handy with SEO, having headed up Webfirm’s SEO division for a couple of years before making The Cut. It’s great for us and our clients to have that level of understanding in-house when we are building websites that maximise user engagement.

In the real world, Matt loves travel, roaming Perth looking for new pubs, new beers and new food experiences. He is the brains behind - check it out before you head out.

Oh yeah, and Matt HATES Apple, but we forgive him. He danced on the tables when Steve Jobs passed away. Seriously...