Logo, brand and web design and development for Rotto race

RAR Paddle

This week we pushed a new website live for a brand new Adventure Race, on Rotto! This is the perfect location for the Race Around Rottnest and we’re very excited to be involved with CIC Events in the launch of the inaugural race.

Link to the website right here.

While the initial brief was for the design and development of the event website, the existing logo needed some work so we spent some time on graphic design to first refine the logo and design a look for the event brand that clearly communicated the location and action of the race. We wanted to achieve a simplified logo design that more accurately represented the event and it’s iconic island location. The logo type was hand painted to make it as organic as possible, and reflect the outdoor environments in which the elite athletes will compete.

Then we extended the event’s Brand Identity by creating visuals that represent each discipline of the race - Ocean Swim, Mountain Bike Ride, Trail Run and Ocean Paddle. Using action shots of silhouetted athletes combined with Rottnest Island landscapes and distinct gradients, we created a double-exposure effect that presents each discipline in a unique way and sets the mood for the event, and the website Home Page.

In combination with the logo, these highly stylized visuals work to create a unique and flexible identity that will be used across all of the event’s marketing materials. And then we moved on to the design and development of the Race Around Rottnest website. As you can see, the Home Page of the site is bold and distinctive, with large action images and bright colours visually dominating the space. The size of the images, the colours and the transitions make the Home Page bold and active, a perfect match for the vision CIC Events has for the race itself. On the inner pages we maintained colour and movement by extending the transitioning colours onto every page.

With any event of this type, there is always plenty of information to display and various formats required. There’s no one magical layout that works for all content. So, to present content in the most effective way for all users, each content type should be presented in a way that suits it best. To achieve this content flexibility with the race website, we spent plenty of time scoping out the different types of content and created multiple layout options that give the client the flexibility to present different content types in different ways to optimise the User Experience on every page.

With this Adventure Race website, our main challenge was to present the event and the website in a distictive and new way and also offer the client team maximum flexibility when it comes to displaying various content types and styles.

At The Cut we’re very happy with the final solution, and even more importantly, the CIC Events team are really excited to see their first Race Around Rottnest brought to life online in a powerful and visually dynamic way.

Now we’re looking forward to applying our logo design and the brand identity to offline marketing materials and seeing the athletes tackle the island and bring the event to life in September 2013.