Behavioral change campaign for our south west waterways.

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We’ve been a little quiet with our news lately, because we’ve been a little frantic in the studio.

Three very short weeks ago we won a tender to work on a great project for the South West Catchments Council. To say their time line was a bit ambitious is a bit like saying that Australian politics is a little messy right now. An understatement!

Our requirement was to develop a Brand Name, Logo, Print Advertising Campaign and Website in just 2 weeks.

We like a challenge, especially when it involves a great idea and a campaign that has the ability to help clean up the waterways of the south west.

The aim of the campaign is to encourgae people to use less fertiliser in their gardens, and to fertilise at the right time of year - Spring!

After looking at dozens of options, we were happy that the brand name chosen was HOME RIVER OCEAN. It’s direct and communicates the link between homes and the waterways and the cyclical nature of water use. The brand name is connected to a tag line that makes a friendly call to action - Find better water ways.

You can see the logo right here, as it appear on the website (still under construction).

And you can find some of the advertising right here on the HOME RIVER OCEAN website.

While we’re still tidying up some loose ends, plenty of work by us and the client team saw us hit our deadline and achieve the primary goals within the required time frame.

The HOME RIVER OCEAN campaign will be appearing across the south west on TV, Radio, Transit advertising and print collateral including drinks coasters and postcards.

The campaign uses humour and focuses on the positives that we can all enjoy if we can improve the health of our waterways.