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Through the second half of 2012 we worked closely with boutique Subiaco Tax Accountants Tactica Partners on a Service and Communication Strategy. Our aim was to improve the way they understand, define and market their business, the benefits they offer and the things that make them special.

Tactica were delivering the highest level of service to their clients and were very aware of their strengths. But a lack of clarity on a new service offering was making it difficult to convert clients and marketing communications tended to be over long and lacking strong Calls To Action.

After a Brand Discovery Interview, we developed a Communication Strategy report for Tactica including Points of Difference, Core Benefits, Key Messages, Message Hierarchy, Tone of Voice and so on. We then extended this process into re-defining and simplifying their service structure to increase focus on their core services and refine the way they are delivered to clients and prospective new business contacts.

The Cut’s Director of Strategy and Creative, Ben De Jonge, delivered these strategies to the Tactica team at an interactive workshop to help the team understand and embrace the new direction and ultimately make it easy for them to understand the reasons behind the new messages, own them and then deliver them to their clients.

A Communication Strategy takes on added value when the messages and directions they establish are transferred straight into a major communication channel. This is exactly what we did for Tactica when we designed and developed their new website. The structure of the site and much of the information architecture and User Experience was directly dictated by the Service Strategy, and the content itself came straight from our Communication Strategy.

A great example of making the effort to set a solid strategic foundation and seeing that effort pay off immediately.