A great graphic design opportunity for government.

Articles - Treasury

In the middle of 2012 The Cut won the opportunity to design a new Corporate Identity for the Western Australian government’s Department of Treasury. This is a central government agency by anyone’s standards and a great a opportunity for us.

The project was executed under a tight time frame and our designers achieved a result that satisfied both the Treasury team and our guys.

We presented three different design concepts and to their credit, Treasury could see the value in the most progressive design and gave us the go ahead to pursue that. Some examples of the concept are shown here.

The thinking behind the concept was inspired by the way Treasury see themselves as a government agency - Individuals and small groups connecting and working together to create ‘big picture’ solutions for the state of Western Australia. It was this idea that produced our concept based on using a simple ‘link’ graphic to build up bigger shapes.

The final Corporate Identity design included three levels of the core concept to give Treasury complete flexibility with communications to their broad audience. The Brand Style Guide we delivered to help Treasury use the concept internally was 70 pages long.

Working with Treasury has given The Cut’s design team the highest level of exposure to central government agencies, their culture, processes and standards.

The Treasury team are excited and engaged with the visual change our concept represents and have quickly used the brand style guide to create their own key report document using the new design. Since the concept was designed, the Treasury team have been rolling it out in applications including a new intranet, banners, reports and presentations.

In time, the concept will be extended across all Treasury’s internal and external communication channels.