Out with the old school logo and in with the new one.

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We love school. Canning Vale Primary School in particular.

In 2012 we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to develop new graphic design concepts for the logo and Brand ID for this lovely little school tucked away in Canning Vale’s The Rambles.

With the original logo outdated, old fashioned and ready for a refresh, the principal and her team wanted a new visual identity to reflect their change in status to an Independent Public School. And also to achieve a strong visual point of difference that sets them apart from other schools in the area.

It was time to become vibrant, colourful and progressive with a logo design that communicated their approach to teaching.

This was a great challenge for us and a design project we really enjoyed. Transforming a school with a new logo that clearly positions them as different and modern was an excellent challenge.

We presented a range of logo design options and colours and worked collaboratively with the school’s team to choose and refine the final logo.

Since completion, the roll out of the new brand has been steady and so far includes a shiny new high tech sign, stationary, business cards and student and staff badges.

Who says school’s no fun!