Strategy, process & delivery are the things that make The Cut trusted.

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The 'Little Naughty' campaign as a whole achieved a 38% increase in sales of the snack sized yoghurts, with positive collateral overflow to our other products due to the campaign's strong focus on the Mundella brand.

— Mundella Foods

Trust Longevity

Find an agency you can trust and you’ll solve a lot of problems. We have been helping Perth businesses since 2009, and in digital, that’s a long time. Let our longevity give you the confidence that we know how to help you make your business grow.

Marketing a business in the digital space can be confusing, because it is complex. We understand that, and every day we help clients learn more and improve their understanding and execution of software, websites and digital marketing.

The Cut continue to meet the challenge of repositioning our destination within a competitive space and recent data, reporting a 30% increase in overnight visitation to the region, reinforces the positive response within our key target markets.

— Mandurah And Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO)

The fact that The Cut achieved every milestone according to the project management plan they submitted with their tender is a glowing testament to their professional abilities as a creative advertising, digital and design agency.

— South West Catchments Council (SWCC)

Business Objectives

We start by talking with clients to understand their challenges, pain points and priorities. Then we explore further to identify clear business objectives. These objectives form the aims of our projects because our focus is on delivering the highest value based on creating positive change in their businesses that result in measurable ROI.

Our Digital

The term ‘digital’ covers anything that happens online. For us, digital includes software and websites, social media, content marketing, branding and campaigns. These are the areas where our skills and experience can be the most transformative, and deliver maximum value to our clients.

Digital applications, websites and marketing has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, and they ways they reach their market and new prospects. Plus, it is all measurable with the data on hand to review, assess, refine and improve to optimise results.

Software Development

Developing software applications is something we have done from the very beginning. In 2009 we started our business with a large website development project for the Perth 2011 ISAF world sailing championships. The software we develop delivers a wide range of functionalities, depending on the individual needs of businesses and organisations from Rio Tinto to Cancer Council WA.

We believe that software and websites should add measurable value to your business, either directly, by generating new business, or by streamlining processes, increasing efficiencies and turning data into accessible business assets.

Using Python as our language of choice we develop sophisticated and easy to use software applications for enterprises organisations including Rio Tinto, Woodside, Stateswim Systems, Brightpath, Cancer Council WA, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and more.

Shopify Ecommerce

We chose Shopify as our preferred ecommerce platform in 2010 and have never looked back. Now, as Expert Partners of the Shopify platform, we are more focussed on ecommerce than ever.

As the go-to Shopify agency here in Perth, we help clients from smaller businesses who are ready to grow, to bigger international ecommerce operations. We also run events to bring the Shopify community together to learn, network, and help each other.


We also help companies develop their brand and create campaigns to work across all sorts of media. These days, most of the channels are digital, from websites and social media, to content marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Optimising effectiveness across all channels depends on having a clear niche, strong messages and well executed content that attracts attention from the right people for your business.