About Our Digital & Branding Agency

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Trust Longevity

Find an agency you can trust and you’ll solve a lot of problems. Digital marketing, websites, social media and branding can be complicated and confusing. We understand that, and helping clients improve their knowledge is what we do every day.

We have been helping Perth businesses since 2009, and in the digital space, that’s a long time. That should give you confidence that we know what we’re talking about and how to help you.

“Since 2009 we have developed and evolved our knowledge, processes and services so we can always offer people high quality advice, and deliver best-practice digital and branding solutions.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

Digital Explained

What do we mean by ‘digital’? Good question.

The term ‘digital’ has come to mean anything that happens online. Digital marketing is Social Media, SEO and Adwords. Digital content is blogs, video and podcasts. Digital solutions are websites, ecommerce and software development.

The areas where we can give business owners and marketing professionals the most guidance is in ecommerce, software development and social media. They are our digital sweet spots and we have worked hard to build our knowledge and skills and stay progressive in what we deliver.

“Digital moves quickly, and many clients find it hard to keep up which undermines their confidence. We help clients understand the environment, find the right solutions and then we deliver results that excite them.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

Best Branding

So, you want your business to be memorable and attract attention from the right people? Branding has the power to do that and we have the processes and solutions to make it happen for your company.

We follow best practice strategy and design processes on every project because strong and simple branding makes the most effective marketing communications.

"We help clients redesign their branding and often their advertising too. That often includes concepts and content for Social Media where well designed content achieves much higher engagement with consumers.”

- David Marshall, Designer, The Cut

We have created brand and advertising campaigns for Perth businesses including Mundella Foods, Abode Real Estate,, Venue Menu and many more. Results include sales growth, increased online engagement and web traffic and growing social media communities.

Let’s talk digital & branding

We guide businesses through digital and branding solutions that are best practice and highly effective. Trust us to work with you and you’ll avoid the pitfalls and wasted investment that happens so often.

Contact The Cut and we’ll help you understand digital, and branding, and bringing them together to grow your business.